Initial visit: nutritionist will connect w client by going over clients intake, top priorities, possibility of intolerances/allergies, send client home w a 3 day food journal and a few small steps to begin their life changing journey to vitality!
1 hr – $150

1st follow up: Review food journal, functional evaluation, lingual Neuro test, recommend supplements if needed.
45 min – $100

2nd follow up: Give client list of foods that heal/to avoid depending on their bio individual needs, have them bring sups to test to see if still necessary.
30 min – $85

3rd follow up: Check in w client, feedback on results, new concerns, make a success plan w client!
30 min – $85

Reset pkg: includes all 4 visits above

Revamp pkg: initial visit plus 1st follow up. Fridge/cup board revamp or (list of foods to throw out), tangible grocery list or grocery shopping session, cook book recs and recipes specialized for clients bio individuality.

Cleanse pkg: Initial visit plus FE, whole food cleansing protocol, supportive herbs and a 30 min detox facial on or after day 28.

Blood sugar balance pkg: helps client w sugar cravings and switching from a sugar burner to a fat burner. Client recieves initial visit, bs protocol, 1st follow up visit, rec for supportive sups. Preventative and healing for diabetes.

Stress away/Adrenal support pkg:
Includes Initial visit, cognitive support through adaptogenic herbal tinctures, address main concerns and a path to a solution to improve vitality and quality of lifestyle.